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With around 1000 submissions and 500 participants each year, the IEEE International Conference on Multimedia & Expo (ICME) has been the flagship multimedia conference sponsored by four IEEE societies since 2000.


ICME Steering Committee



Haohong Wang

Finance Committee:

Chengcui Zhang (Chair)

Anup Basu (Co-Chair)

Zicheng Liu – ICME 2014 Program Chair, CAS MSATC Chair

Enrico Magli – ICME 2015 General Chair, SP MMSP Chair

Ying Li– ICME 2016 Finance Chair

Kenneth K. M. Lam – ICME 2017 General Chair

Wenjun Zeng – ICME 2018 General Chair

Paper Committee:

Tao Mei (Chair)

Zhu Li (Co-Chair)

Mei-Ling Shyu – CS TCMC Chair

Yonggang Wen – ComSoc MMTC Past Chair

Gene Cheung – SP MMSPTC

Joern Ostermann – ICME 2017 General Chair

C. C. Jay Kuo – ICME 2018 General Chair

Award Committee:

Min Chen (Chair)

Periklis (Co-Chair)

Qian Zhang – ICME 2017 Program Chair

Jin Li – ICME SC Past Chair

Shu-Ching Chen – CS TCMC Past Chair

Program Committee:

Shipeng Li (Chair)

Dong Xu (Co-Chair)

Yap-Peng Tan – ICME 2015 Program Chair, ICME’10 General Chair

Phillip Chou – ICME 2016 Program Chair

Thomas Sikora – ICME 2017 Program Chair

Lina Karam – General Chair of ICIP 2016

Strategy Development Committee:

Irene Cheng (Chair)

Chia-Wen Lin (Co-Chair)

Shiwen Mao – ComSoc MMTC Chair

Frossard Pascal – ICME 2002 General Chair

Cha Zhang – ICME 2016 General Chair

Alexander C Loui – Past member of ICME Steering Committee


Alvin, Xinyao Sun - Webmaster

Past Members